Using the Marble background


I just wanted to show an idea of how I used my marble background today.

I opened it up in procreate, made a duplicate, added a layer and began lettering, as easy as that, with a great change from plain white – hope you like it.

Alternatively you can j8st print and work on top of that in your choice of pen.


Light Marble dark veins background



Thankyou for the lovely feedback of my Free Marble images, created by myself through Procreate.

I thought a further light Marble with slightly darker veins would also be great to add to the collection.

Feel free to use it as a background on your next creative piece xxx

Marbleised backgrounds






Hi everyone, and welcome to 2018.

My sincere apologies for my apparent lack of posts recently, as I have been super busy perusing my dream of learning calligraphy, and maintaining my Instagram feed of my creative journey –

Please be welcome to come follow me there and see what I have been creating and teaching.

I wanted to add these two free marble backgrounds that I have just made, using the amazing Procreate app, on my iPad Pro.  I struggled to find the perfect marvel for my recent project so decided to create my own.

I also have a darker versions of the light marble for those of you whose printers won’t  show the initial version, or who wish for a more dramatic finish.

Please feel free to use these for your own private usage, to create pretty backdrops to your work.  Should you wish to use these on a commercial scale, please contact me to purchase the rights to profit from using these backgrounds.

Should you wish to contact me for commissioned work, do not hesitate to contact my email through IG or via my Facebook page

kind regards



Pink cupcakes with Strawberry milkshake icing…

So I made a batch of these amazing beauties for my daughters School, Valentine Cupcake sale, they turned out amazingly soft and moist and well the icing, this is definitely a keeper.  Apologies, I didn’t take enough photos before sending them off to school this morning, so here they are featuring as props in my new calligraphy hobby x 

Recipe whipped up quickly as below, just a simple cupcake with added buttermilk for moistness.

For 12 cupcakes

160gr self raising flour

2 eggs (room temperature I used medium size)

115gr butter (I always use salted as I have it on hand) 

125ml buttermilk (just use milk and add two table spoons of either lemon juice or vinegar- I always do lemon – stir and allow to sit for five minutes whilst you prepare the cake) 

3/4 tsp baking powder 

1/8 tsp baking soda

Pinch of salt (1/8 tsp if using unsalted butter)

2 drops of pink food colouring (omit if you don’t want the sponge to be pink) 

200gr granulated or caster sugar

2 tsp Vanilla (I use extract but essence will work)

Strawberry milkshake icing

for 12 cupcakes

200 gr icing sugar powder

150 gr butter

100 gr strawberry milkshake powder (you can use banana or chocolate, I used Nesquick) 

3 tbsp milk or cream (I used milk)

1 tsp vanilla extract
Switch oven to 170 – 175 oC

Gently hand whisk flour and baking soda, baking powder and salt together in a bowl.

Prepare buttermilk mix by adding lemon juice or vinegar, place to one side.

In Kitchenaid stand mixer, or using electric whisk, place butter and granulated/caster sugar in at medium speed, mix till pale and fluffy around three minutes.

Beat in food colouring.

Add eggs to butter mix one at a time, waiting till fully mixed before adding more.

Add vanilla essence.

Turn mixer down to slow, and add flour mix a spoon at a time to avoid flour flying everywhere, add around a third of the flour mix.

Pour in half the buttermilk and allow to mix in well, scrape down the sides of bowl.

Add more flour as before slowly, add more buttermilk.

Finish by adding remainder of the flour mix, scrape down to ensure all is mixed well.

Equally fill 12 cupcake liners and bake in the middle of the oven for around 12-15 minutes or until a toothpick can be inserted and removed clean.

Whilst cakes are cooling on a rack, make the icing.

Place butter in the mixer, and mix till fluffy, add icing sugar in small quantities to avoid a sugar cloud, whilst that all mixes in, add two table spoons of warm milk to mix with milkshake powder (you must do this or the icing will feel gritty).  Mix till smooth and  allow to cool.  Add slowly to the icing mix and ensure fully mixed in, this will give a pale pink milkshake colour which I feel is perfect, but you could add a drop of colouring if required.  Add vanilla and finish mixing.

When cakes are cool, you can pipe with your desired tip, I used a Wilton 1M tip as it is my favourite finish to a cupcake.


NOTE – I doubled the quantity to make 24 cupcakes, but there is no need to double the salt.

Wholemeal Oaty Banana Muffins

If you have some over ripe bananas in your fruit bowl, this amazing muffin recipe will be a great option.

Many muffin recipes use white flour, but I prefer th wholemeal alternative with Oats as the muffin is a great healthy snack, for hungry tummies.

So firstly please preheat your oven to 200 Celsius.

Makes 12 large muffins

250gr  (2 cup) Wholemeal flour (bread flour is also fine)

125gr (1 cup) Demorera Sugar

125gr (1 cup) Porridge oats

1tsp Baking Powder

1tsp Baking Soda 

1tsp Nutmeg

1tsp Cinamon 

1/2tsp Salt

4 x Ripe/Overripe Bananas

115gr melted butter

2 x Eggs

1tsp Vanila Essence or paste
Put all dry ingredients in your mixer, I used my Kitchenaid, but this can be done by hand.
Mix all dry ingredients gently together, I used level One setting, or you will be covered in dust, using my Kitchenaid silicon paddle attachment.

In a separate bowl squash up the banana with a fork or masher.

Add two eggs, melted Butter and Vanila.

Mix up with the fork, I like to leave a few lumps with the banana.

Pour wet mix on top of dry ingredients in other bowl, or in my case my Kitchen aid mixer.  On level one mix in quick bursts, by flicking switch on and off.  Until dry ingredients are coated in the wet mixture.

You don’t want to over mix as it will make the muffins heavy.

Prepare a 12 hole Baking tray with either tulip cases like I use, cupcake liners or just lightly oiled and floured (use a non taste oil such as rapsead) if you prefer no case.

Fill to top of Baking tray hole if using tulip cases as there is room for them to rise.

Fill cupcake liner around 1/2 -2/3 full, and same if you are not using a case.

Sprinkle tops with light Soft muscavado sugar and bake for 15-18 minutes, or till a toothpick comes out clean.

Cool in the tins for 10 minutes and put on a rack to finish cooling.

Enjoy as they are, or cut and put your favourite jam, peanut butter or Nutella x 

Summer Mantle decor

I haven’t been posting much lately as I have been very busy with a few projects, which I hope I can blog about if time permits.

Anyway we have had a lot of rain so I salvaged these beautiful Peonies from my garden, they are the most beautiful flower aren’t they, and I will enjoy them far longer inside, where they won’t be destroyed.

Dogwood flower Cupcakes

To create the dog wood flowers I chose two colours and three sizes of stamper/mould.

Roll out sugar paste and stamp out the flowers.

Make enough for at least one on each cake plus extras in the small to add on some of the cakes too.

You can press out the petals a bit if you wish to thin them out a little.

Add detail to the centres, I just put pearls in, but you can pipe the details on if you wish.

Leave the flowers to air dry, in a spoon so they are not totally flat, around 24 hours is fine with Pastillage sugar paste as it will not bleed into the buttercream.

Apply to a freshly iced cupcake, add any other decoration you may fancy.

Then eat, yummy yummy xxx

Vegetable savoury crumble

image.jpegIn my New Years effort to create some simple but creative ways to serve our family dinner, I was inspired to create an old favourite, that my mum used to make, when we first became vegetarians, Vegetable savoury crumble, sadly my mum could not remember what she used to put in it, so I trawled the deep areas of my grey matter, and mad the following recipe –

Make five slices of bread into breadcrumbs, add salt pepper 50 gram of Parmesan and 50 gram of cheddar all finely grated.

Finely grate garlic and add to breadcrumb mix,

Boil veggies of your choice, I used carrot broccoli, sprouts and green beans.

Fry onions garlic mushrooms courgettes.

when all veggies are cooked, transfer to a baking dish, sprinkle with olive oil, sprinkle the mix on top of the vegetables and smooth over

put in 200 Celsius for ten minutes until golden brown.







Christmas is over…

So my husband made me an amazing oversized frame for the mantlepiece, so I could hang my wreath in glory, and now the decorations are down, I refused to take down the frame as I love it, so I have decided to seasonally change what hangs in the frame…

So for the moment our winter theme is an old frame with a piece of wallpaper sample I had, and the glory has been restored.  I couldn’t part with the battery Christmas lights either so I popped them behind… I hope you like it 

Wreaths modern style 

This year I wanted to try a more modern style of minimalist wreath. 

 I like to make my own wreaths but find the fresh wreaths can become expensive to make.  

So I wanted to see if I could make a modern wreath that could come out on more than one occasion.

Thank you to my husband who made me a giant frame to hang it on, using fishing thread it looks like the wreath is floating.   

I love it and feel it gives my mantlepiece decor much needed height.