What to write about?

Should I sew? Should I do a tutorial? Just a photo? What will my readers think? What will they want to read about? Perhaps a cake would be better to start with?  I am no expert, I love crafting, and often I am disappointed with the results because I too am only human.
Three years passed and I realised that I still didn’t have a name for my blog, let alone plunging into my first ever publicly viewable post.  
I have read so many amazing blogs in that time, and wondered what can I offer to potential readers, and that’s when I realised that part of my need for a blog is to organise and catalogue the things I have made, the things that I have learnt, and to see the end results in a form other than just a photograph.
Anyways that’s where you find me, whilst I type…
There years from now, I hope to have filled the pages with photos of my crafty creations, tips and tricks I’ve discovered along the way, but above all I hope I will give others the belief that you can try new things, learn new skills, and learn to recognise that it doesn’t mater what the end product is, it’s the journey that matters, what you learnt, and how you can adapt it next time to get a different result, be that cooking, sewing, baking, Nail care, Interiors or what ever else you may wish to try out…

Thanks for wanting to be a part of that…
So as opportunity would have it I made a cake today and it seemed fitting to post about it as my first blog because it tastes amazing…

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cake

So it’s my husbands birthday and he loves Terry’s Chocolate Orange so I had been thinking how great it would be to make a cake around the chocolate orange flavours, that go so nicely together.  

I used my go to Chocolate sponge recipe, one that I acquired from an old friends mother, thank you Mrs Brittain and her daughter Katie, who finally gave in to my pestering and gave me the official recipe.  

Credit where credit is due…
I always get compliments for this sponge, but I have never added any flavours to it, till this time that is.  

Anyways enough chatting lets bake…

If you want to make a small cake 6″ you only need 6oz of the following ingredients but if you want to make a big cake 8″ you’ll need 8oz of the ingredients, 10″ tin is 10oz and these quantities will split into two tins for a sandwich cake.
The ingredients you need for 10″chocolate cake are as follows:- 

Cake mixture

10oz Caster sugar

10oz Margerine or butter whichever you prefer

5 medium Eggs (3 for 6″ cake, 4 for 8″ cake) if you halve the flour weight it = number of eggs

10oz Self raising flour

Baking powder (1.5 teaspoons)

Cadbury’s drinking chocolate powder (6 tbsp) 

Swiss Meringue Icing 

For a 10″ sandwich cake I like to make too much icing, there is nothing more annoying or time consuming than having to make an extra batch because you’ve run out… Besides if you have any left it makes a great bargaining chip with a 4 (and a half) year old.
10 large egg whites
600g sugar 

1020g butter (4 x 250gr packs and a sliver more)(2 x salted and 2 unsalted)  

I always use Jersey butter as that’s the amazing produce of our gorgeous cows, it can make the finished icing look more yellow though, I don’t mind this as it looks amazing and is certainly not an issue if your tinting it.

Photo thanks to http://www.jerseydairy.com

Quick Jersey cow picture, gorgeous ladies x thank you to google images

Mix egg white and sugar till melted over a Bain Marie or a pot of hot water (till sugar is no longer gritty) whisk constantly whilst over the heat.

Put in mixer and mix on medium till light and fluffy.

Photo of Kenneth my Kenwood mixer in action, an amazingly capable old friend who’s knocking on 40 years old at a guess.  Until he hangs up his K Beater for the last time, a Kitchenaid Artisan is going to remain a distant dream… This guy is a tank he is invincible, but my goodness he’s noisy.  Anyways I digress…

Add butter in room temp chunks till all added, keep mixing even if it curdles it will come fine again.  Sometimes I get no issues, and sometimes it curdles, but it depends I guess on the weather, heat in your kitchen, temperature of your butter, who knows, but patience is key it will come good.

Turn oven on – 175oC 20-25 mins cook time 

Put flour and baking powder in bowl and stir together.

In separate bowl with mixer mix margarine and sugar till fluffy 

Add one egg to sugar Margerine bowl and mix, add couple table spoons of flour and mix in, add egg mix continue till all ingredients mixed in.

Add chocolate powder and mix.

Heat up small amount of milk in a jug 2 fl oz will do.
Add hot milk slowly until fluffy light consistency is achieved, using mixer. You will NOT use all of the milk.

Put cake mix in tins or in cupcake cases as you wish.  Bake, cool, decorate and lick the bowl clean… Enjoy 

Photos of some of my creations using the amazing Chocolate Sponge cake.   

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