Vegetable savoury crumble

image.jpegIn my New Years effort to create some simple but creative ways to serve our family dinner, I was inspired to create an old favourite, that my mum used to make, when we first became vegetarians, Vegetable savoury crumble, sadly my mum could not remember what she used to put in it, so I trawled the deep areas of my grey matter, and mad the following recipe –

Make five slices of bread into breadcrumbs, add salt pepper 50 gram of Parmesan and 50 gram of cheddar all finely grated.

Finely grate garlic and add to breadcrumb mix,

Boil veggies of your choice, I used carrot broccoli, sprouts and green beans.

Fry onions garlic mushrooms courgettes.

when all veggies are cooked, transfer to a baking dish, sprinkle with olive oil, sprinkle the mix on top of the vegetables and smooth over

put in 200 Celsius for ten minutes until golden brown.







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