Marbleised backgrounds






Hi everyone, and welcome to 2018.

My sincere apologies for my apparent lack of posts recently, as I have been super busy perusing my dream of learning calligraphy, and maintaining my Instagram feed of my creative journey –

Please be welcome to come follow me there and see what I have been creating and teaching.

I wanted to add these two free marble backgrounds that I have just made, using the amazing Procreate app, on my iPad Pro.  I struggled to find the perfect marvel for my recent project so decided to create my own.

I also have a darker versions of the light marble for those of you whose printers won’t  show the initial version, or who wish for a more dramatic finish.

Please feel free to use these for your own private usage, to create pretty backdrops to your work.  Should you wish to use these on a commercial scale, please contact me to purchase the rights to profit from using these backgrounds.

Should you wish to contact me for commissioned work, do not hesitate to contact my email through IG or via my Facebook page

kind regards



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